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Solve the ‘Where Am I?’ Contest

Don’t miss your chance to guess the location by Oct. 22. Use the photo and text as clues. Choose right and you could win a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card.

The 2012 National Annual Meeting

Couldn’t attend the Annual Meeting in Orlando this summer? Get up to speed with this story, and learn what Mike Rowe had to say about Scouting.

Strengthen and Stretch Your Knees

Your knees are a key ingredient to a successful weekend on the trail. Take care of them with these strengthening and stretching exercises.

Quell Cub Scout Chaos

Scouters share their advice for keeping Cub Scouts on task and out of trouble. Share your chaos-calming techniques, too.

Guide to Cool Camps

Take a peek at a collection of can’t-miss camps. This East Coast gem offers lobster fishing, hiking, and exploring the coast. Check out Cape Cod Maritime Adventure Treks.

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