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Trails in Andover

The list to the left provides links to most of the trails and conservation lands in Andover.

Trail Maps and Guidebook

The brand new fourth edition (2011) of The Andover Trails Guide will be available in local stores in early February, 2011 or direct from the Andover Trails Committee, which co-produced this extremely handy guidebook to Andover's walking trails.

The guidebook includes introductions to several organizations which preserve and protect our open spaces, trailways, and other environmental and cultural treasures, along with extensive maps, trail descriptions, and other useful information on more than 30 publicly accessible properties.

Copies of the guidebook can be purchased by mail. Send a check for $14.95 plus $0.50 S&H to:

Andover Trails Committee
c/o David Bunting
3 Wagon Wheel Road
Andover, MA 01810

Stewardship of the Land

Responsible users leave trails in better condition than they found them. Users of trails in Andover should observe the following rules of trail etiquette:

  • Do not remove vegetation. Leave wildflowers for the next hiker to enjoy.
  • Pick up litter, your own or the last person's.
  • Avoid hiking or riding when heavy rains or spring thaws have made the ground soft.
  • When on roads, walk single file, facing traffic, even if blazes are on the other side of the road.
  • Dog walkers must abide by the current town bylaws regarding leashing and cleanup. (Dogs are not allowed in West Parish Cemetery.)
  • Walk quietly near domesticated animals. If approached by a horse, stand still until recognized by the rider.
  • Respect the privacy of landowners who have generously allowed the public on their land. (Remember that many lands open to the public are actually in the hands of private organizations.)
  • Be aware of the risks involved in outdoor activities. Users are responsible for themselves and their children.
  • Report dangerous trail conditions or vandalism to the appropriate organization.

Permitted and Non-Permitted Uses

In general, all Andover trail areas are open to the public from dawn to dusk. All areas and trails listed allow hiking, running, and cross-country skiing.

Bicycles: AVIS properties do not allow mountain bikes because they damage fragile trails. On all properties, mountain bikers should consider the condition of the trails before using them. Wet trails are easily ruined for all users by mountain bike ruts.

Motorized transport: None of the properties allow motorized vehicles on any of the trails.

Fires should not be built on any of these lands.

Camping is allowed in season only in Harold Parker State Forest campground. Scout groups may contact AVIS or Andover Conservation Commission for camping permits on selected properties.

Hunting: Harold Parker State Forest is the only area that allows hunting (see map at forest headquarters for designated areas).

Fishing in any inland waters requires a state license.

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