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Boy Scout Merit Badge Worksheets include maps, charts, links, checklists,
Revision Dates, and links related Merit Badges and Scout Awards.
These worksheets are used by Summer Camps, Merit Badge Events, and individual Scouts.
Other resources include the Online Merit Badge Application, Popularity, FAQ, and Policies.

Worksheets are also available for Cub Scout Belt Loops and Pins and Webelos Pins.

Merit Badge Resources, Worksheets, and Revision Dates

Here are links to Merit Badge resource pages and worksheets along with the requirement Revision Dates. Make sure the Merit Badge pamphlet (book) you are using is not out of date (older than the revision date). Rank workbooks are also listed.

Merit Badge Workbooks (worksheets) are not required but are tools that can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. These worksheets are used by Summer Camps, Merit Badge Events, and individual Scouts. See Merit Badges for more details on earning a Merit Badge. Workbooks allow Merit Badge Counselors to offer group instruction but still "...test the Scout individually."BSA Click a merit badge below for the current requirements. "You should read the merit badge pamphlet on the subject."BSA Merit badge pamphlets (books) are available at your local Scout Shop or online at

Workbooks Notes

Here are examples of some of the extra materials you will need that are included in the workbooks:

Email the worksheet developer with any comments or ideas: Craig. Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets and Cub Scout Beltloop Worksheets are also available.


Rank Requirements Workbooks
Scout Badge  PDF   DOC
Tenderfoot Rank  PDF   DOC
Second Class Rank  PDF   DOC
First Class Rank  PDF   DOC
Star Rank  PDF   DOC
Life Rank  PDF   DOC
Eagle Scout Rank Interactive DOC
Eagle Palms Interactive DOC

Merit Badge Requirement Revision Dates are as of 08/1/2008
TPF - A Troop Program Monthly Theme is available featuring this merit badge.
Merit Badge
Requirements & Resources
All workbooks in a ZIP file:  PDF   DOC
American Business  2002 TPF  PDF   DOC
American Cultures  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
American Heritage  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
American Labor  2006  PDF   DOC
Animal Science  2006  PDF   DOC
Archaeology  2006  PDF   DOC
Archery  2004 - Revised 2009 TPF  PDF   DOC
Architecture  2008  PDF   DOC
Art  2006  PDF   DOC
Astronomy  2004  PDF   DOC
Athletics  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Automotive Maintenance  2008  PDF   DOC
Aviation  2006  PDF   DOC
Backpacking  2007 TPF  PDF   DOC
Basketry  2003  PDF   DOC
Bird Study  2005  PDF   DOC
Bugling  2003  PDF   DOC
Camping  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Canoeing  2004 TPF  PDF   DOC
Chemistry  2004  PDF   DOC
Chess  2011  PDF   DOC
Cinematography  2008  PDF   DOC
Citizenship in the Comm  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Citizenship in the Nation  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Citizenship in the World  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Climbing  2006  PDF   DOC
Coin Collecting  2008 TPF  PDF   DOC
Collections  2008  PDF   DOC
Communications  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Composite Materials  2006  PDF   DOC
Computers  2005  PDF   DOC
Cooking  2007 TPF  PDF   DOC
Crime Prevention  2005  PDF   DOC
Cycling  2003  PDF   DOC
Dentistry  2006  PDF   DOC
Disabilities Awareness  2005  PDF   DOC
Dog Care  2003  PDF   DOC
Drafting  2008  PDF   DOC
Electricity  2004  PDF   DOC
Electronics  2004  PDF   DOC
Emergency Preparedness  2008 TPF  PDF   DOC
Energy  2005  PDF   DOC
Engineering  2008 TPF  PDF   DOC
Entrepreneurship  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Environmental Science  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Family Life  2005  PDF   DOC
Farm Mechanics  2008  PDF   DOC
Fingerprinting  2003  PDF   DOC
Fire Safety  2004  PDF   DOC
First Aid  2007 TPF  PDF   DOC
Fish & Wildlife Management  2004 TPF  PDF   DOC
Fishing  2002 TPF  PDF   DOC
Fly Fishing  2002 TPF  PDF   DOC
Forestry  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Gardening  2002  PDF   DOC
Genealogy  2005  PDF   DOC
Geocaching  2010  PDF   DOC
Geology  2005  PDF   DOC
Golf  2002  PDF   DOC
Graphic Arts  2006  PDF   DOC
Hiking  2007 TPF  PDF   DOC
Home Repairs  2002  PDF   DOC
Horsemanship  2003  PDF   DOC
Merit Badge
Requirements & Resources
Indian Lore  2008  PDF   DOC
Insect Study  2008  PDF   DOC
Inventing  2010  PDF   DOC
Journalism  2006  PDF   DOC
Landscape Architecture  2008  PDF   DOC
Law  2003  PDF   DOC
Leatherwork  2002  PDF   DOC
Lifesaving  2008 TPF  PDF   DOC
Mammal Study  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Medicine  2002 TPF  PDF   DOC
Metalwork  2007  PDF   DOC
Model Design and Building  2003  PDF   DOC
Motorboating  2008  PDF   DOC
Music  2011 TPF  PDF   DOC
Nature  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Nuclear Science  2004  PDF   DOC
Oceanography  2003  PDF   DOC
Orienteering  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Painting  2008  PDF   DOC
Personal Fitness  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Personal Management  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Pets  2003  PDF   DOC
Photography  2005  PDF   DOC
Pioneering  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Plant Science  2005  PDF   DOC
Plumbing  2004  PDF   DOC
Pottery  2008  PDF   DOC
Public Health  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Public Speaking  2002  PDF   DOC
Pulp and Paper  2006  PDF   DOC
Radio  2008  PDF   DOC
Railroading  2003  PDF   DOC
Reading  2003  PDF   DOC
Reptile & Amphibian Study  2005  PDF   DOC
Rifle Shooting  2001 TPF  PDF   DOC
Robotics  2011  PDF   DOC
Rowing  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Safety  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Salesmanship  2003 TPF  PDF   DOC
Scholarship  2004  PDF   DOC
Scouting Heritage  2008  PDF   DOC
Sculpture  2007  PDF   DOC
Shotgun Shooting  2005 TPF  PDF   DOC
Skating  2005  PDF   DOC
Small-Boat Sailing  2004 TPF  PDF   DOC
Snow Sports  2007  PDF   DOC
Soil & Water Conservation  2004  PDF   DOC
Space Exploration  2004  PDF   DOC
Sports  2006 TPF  PDF   DOC
Stamp Collecting  2007  PDF   DOC
Surveying  2004  PDF   DOC
Swimming  2008 TPF  PDF   DOC
Textile  2003  PDF   DOC
Theater  2005  PDF   DOC
Traffic Safety  2006  PDF   DOC
Truck Transportation  2005  PDF   DOC
Veterinary Medicine  2005  PDF   DOC
Water Sports  2007  PDF   DOC
Weather  2006  PDF   DOC
Whitewater  2005  PDF   DOC
Wilderness Survival  2007 TPF  PDF   DOC
Wood Carving  2006  PDF   DOC
Woodwork  2003  PDF   DOC
2010 Historical Merit Badges: Carpentry - Pathfinding - Signaling - Tracking

Merit Badge Notes

  • To verify that your Merit Badge Pamphlet (book) is up to date, check the pamphlet printing date that will be on one of the first few pages at a lower corner. Make sure the printing date is no later than the Requirement Revision Date above.
  • Workbooks are updated more often than the requirements as we add new links, diagrams, charts, etc. That is the Workbook update date.
  • For answers to many common questions see the Merit Badge FAQ and Merit Badge Policies.
  • Right-click on a workbook name to Save As... or Print without viewing the workbook on screen.
  • These workbooks files are up to ten times smaller than the old worksheets and should load quickly.
  • To print just the table of Merit Badges and Revision Dates:
  1. Highlight just the table of merit badges by dragging your mouse over the table.
  2. Click Print Preview on your browser and choose "as selected on screen" and click the Print button.

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