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Cub Scout Pack 136
(Krum, Texas)
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Pack 136 Hiking Program

What: A cumulative hiking program throughout their Cub Scout career to get scouts 

out exercising in nature.

Where: A trail preferably in nature. However, neighborhood hikes can count too!

Who: Scouts hike and parents just need to sign off on the mileage hiked. Scouts
need to be accompanied by an adult or responsible guardian.

How: Scouts can earn miles by hiking with their family, den or pack. All we 
ask is you hike a minimum of 1 mile on each hike. Unfortunately, hiking 
at the school for PE, the mall or museum does not count. We want this an outdoor/nature activity and self paced.

When: Scouts earn the miles on their own time and/or with their den or pack.
Awards Levels:

  5 Mile Hiker
10 Mile Hiker 
25 Mile Hiker
50 Mile Hiker
100 Mile Hiker
150 Mile Hiker
200 Mile Hiker 

To see your Scouts progress, please click here to see the tracker.

NOTE: Only leaders can make changes, so please contact them to update the spreadsheet.

There are different awards at each level.  Generally they are:

5 Miles in Gift Certificate to Sonic in Krum

10 Miles is a Hiking Staff and emblem for the staff

25 or more...$20 Gift Card or Gift from to Scout Shop