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Eagle Service Project Steps

We hope to make this process easy to follow but if your Scout has any questions, please have them contact the Scoutmaster, Eagle Scout Advisor, or Eagle Service Project Coach, who can explain the process. 

We have listed below several steps to help you with your Eagle Scout Process.  We have also attached several documents (see bottom of this webpage) that will be useful and needed for this process.  It is highly suggested that the Scout "right-click" on the documents below and "save" them to your computer or C:/ drive so you use and save any updates you input.

Before Project starts:
__ 1) Download and read the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (Section 1)
__ 2) Work with Scoutmaster and Eagle Project Coach/Mentor to go over goals/ideas
__ 3) 
Meet with the beneficiary and obtain signature (Section 2)
4) Meet with the Eagle Project Advisory Board (Committee Chair and others)
__ 5) Schedule to meet with the Council Eagle Project Chair (after all 3 signatures)

Once the project is completely approved: 
__ Bring your Eagle Project Plan (Section 3) to the Scoutmaster and Eagle Coach
__ Let the scouts know by flier or email
Begin work on the Eagle Project

After project is done:
__ Bring Project Report (Section 4) to the Scoutmaster and Eagle Coach
__ Meet with the Beneficiary so they can sign off on final project completion
Complete all the other requirements (ex: Merit Badges, Leadership, Active member, etc)

(These items above must be completed before the scouts 18th birthday)

Once all sections (2, 3, & 4) are completed and all Eagle requirements are met:
__ Download the Eagle Application and meet with Troop Advancement Chair
Meet with the Advancement Chair to get a printout of the Individual History Report (IHR)
__ Have the Troop Advancement Chair sign/date the IHR
__ Complete (type) and sign the Eagle Application form (see attachment below)
__ Write a Statement of Ambitions & Goals paragraph that details your goals in life and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills.  Include any honors and awards received during this service.
__ Schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and bring all documents
(Once you have met with Scoutmaster follow the steps below)

__ Call council office and schedule an Eagle Application meeting with the Council Advancement to drop off your completed application
__ Submit Eagle Application to the Council Service Center Advancement Chair

* Council verifies application and will contact references
* Once completed Council will schedule the Eagle Board of Review (EBOR)

Upon date and time of your EBOR, let the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair know

* After EBOR (and if candidate is approved), application is returned to Council
* Council sends application to National Advancement Team and Scout Executive
* National Advancement Team returns credentials and Eagle regalia to Scoutmaster






Icon File Name Comment  
512-927_fillable-2015.pdf Eagle Project Workbook updated March 2015  
Eagle Application form-512-728_WB_fillable.pdf Eagle Application  
Eagle Project-Log.xls Eagle Project hour track log  
Eagle Scout Service Project-STEPS.pdf Eagle Project Step checklist